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Who We Are

The Jan Hopkins Group is a communications consulting firm. JHG helps executives develop critical communications skills for more effective presentations and to better prepare for media interviews. JHG also helps executives develop critical communications strategies. In addition, JHG provides moderators and speakers for companies and conferences. And JHG creates customized programs and videos designed to help companies and non profits connect more effectively with their clients.



JHG has worked with a number of CEOs to prepare them for important presentations and media interviews. Sometimes this involves a half day of preparation and practice and sometimes it involves several weeks or months or even years in regular planning, feedback and practice. We put together unique plans for each individual and company. We will provide a client list on request.
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What People Say about Us

"Jan is connected to the pulse of New York City and her reach extends far beyond. Jan is responsive and efficient and I can always count on her for a job well done. "

"Jan provides excellent advice to me and my team. Jan’s vast experience in the media helps us communicate our messaging better at Lanxess. Jan’s expert advice helps me, as CEO, be a better communicator."


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